Re: [webauthn] Incorrect "to create" phrase used in get() section's introduction? (#1687)

Well, to perhaps better explain why I'm thinking the "to create" phrase is (possibly) incorrect in the quoted paragraph...

[Those quoted paragraphs above]( are in the section about using an existing credential to make an assertion -- they are not discussing credential creation. And the first quoted paragraph says:
> The **get()** implementation ... calls PublicKeyCredential.[[CollectFromCredentialStore]]() to **_collect_ any credentials that should be available _without user mediation_**

..and then the second paragraph is explaining why the webauthn spec simply "...inherits the default behavior of Credential.[[CollectFromCredentialStore]](), of returning an empty set.", and it would seem that the reason ought to be that it is because webauthn requires a gesture (ie user mediation) _to use_ any credentials (rather than "to create").

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