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== Eliminate duplicate terminology ==
Continuation of #358.

We probably can't eliminate all of these since some of them are defined externally (e.g., "credential" and "credential source"), but anyway: these many terms are a source of some confusion and make the spec difficult for new readers.

- "credential"
  - Credential
  - Public Key Credential
  - Public Key Credential Source

- "Discoverable Credentials"
  - Discoverable Credential
  - Client-side discoverable Credential
  - Client-side discoverable Public Key Credential Source
  - Resident Credential
  - Resident Key

- "Non-discoverable Credentials"
  - Non-discoverable Credential
  - Non-Resident Credential
  - Server-side Credential
  - Server-side Public Key Credential Source

- "Authenticator Attachment"
  - Authenticator Attachment
  - Authenticator Attachment Modality
  - platform attachment
  - platform authenticator
  - cross-platform attachment
  - roaming credential

- "discoverable credential capable"
  - discoverable credential capable
  - Credential Storage Modality

- "Authentication Factor Capability"
  - Multi-factor capable
  - User-verifying platform authenticator
  - First-factor roaming authenticator
  - Single-factor capable
  - Second-factor platform authenticator
  - Second-factor roaming authenticator

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