Re: [webauthn] Eliminate duplicate terminology (#1648)

> Agreed. I don't expect to fully de-duplicate all of the above terms, but maybe at least reduce the frequency of some of the duplicates and keep them more contained around their definition sites.

Ok, cool.  The key is determining the characteristics of actual "duplicate" terms. The spec is more complex now than it was when issue #358 was originally submitted.  I'd have to see in-context examples.  Also we explicitly list duplicates in the terminology section (because folks use them often) and then try to use only one of that array of duplicate terms in the spec (that's the intention anyway).  Also a number of the terms you list in the original post are not duplicates per se.  

> I think this will impact the Authenticator Taxonomy section most of all, especially since some of those definitions aren't even used outside that section, or only barely.


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