Re: [webauthn] Lack of support for modern ECC (#1124)

That's not true.  The signature field can be any amount of formats, for backwards compatibility reasons. For `ES256`, `RS256` and `PS256` it does *not* correspond to the signature format of COSE.

Result is the `signature` field in assertions is only defined for `ES256` `RS256` and `PS256` if I read precisely but is undefined for any other COSEAlgorithmIdentifiers 

The **NOTE** does mention that it is "recommended" that any new signature formats will directly correspond to the COSE signature field, but the NOTE is not normative

Hence; the `signature` field seems underspecified to me currently and it's not clear to me as an implementor of a Relying Party how it should be interpreted from the standard alone.

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Received on Monday, 15 June 2020 09:14:53 UTC