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[Minutes] July 13th WebAuthn CG Meeting

From: Nick Steele <nsteele@duo.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 14:37:57 -0400
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To: public-webauthn-adoption@w3.org
Hello all and thanks for attending,

* [ONGOING] ACTION: Dom to figure out what kind of patent licensing are
needed for the wireframe project (based on Tony's concerns)

* [ONGOING] ACTION: Design Documents

* ACTION: Alex and Matt to collaborate on exploring CI code

* ACTION: Nick creating issue in WebAuthn WG Github to route implementation
issues to the community group

* ACTION: Nick and Dom to begin drafting issues and milestones in community
group repository.


# Practical WebAuthn project

Nick: Site should be a step by step tutorial of what a WebAuthn
request looks like, having redundant examples of implementations in
different frameworks on the site may not be helpful.

David: The mission of this site should be education

Luke: The site should help show the experience/journey from migrating
passwords to passwordless to username with passwordless

Matt: How should we be handling front end modules [for verifying webauthn

ACTION [Unassigned] Look into libraries with front end verification

*Nick Steele*
/ Technical R&D Lead

@duo_labs <https://twitter.com/duo_labs> / duo.com

*Nick Steele*
/ Technical R&D Lead

@duo_labs <https://twitter.com/duo_labs> / duo.com
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