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So I'm Jussi Kalliokoski, a Finn living in Finland. I work at Rovio
Entertainment Ltd, and used to work at Labs (or ofmlabs). In my
work I've had to continuously struggle with the poor performance of the web
platform, and I have a passion for music and games, so the purpose of this
group is close to my heart. :)

As Sébastien mentioned, I have an open source JS library called audiolib.js
that has become surprisingly popular regardless of some seriously poor
architectural decisions (and hence, performance) in the library, which I
guess goes to illustrate that DSP in JS is something people want to do
enough to even submit to working with bad tools. But luckily, the new
version will be built on a much better foundation.


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> Ok ... since there's no answer, I'll start :)
> I'm Sébastien Piquemal, I'm French and I study in Finland at Media lab
> Helsinki. I am a web developer, musician and sound designer. In addition
> with music projects, I have been developing open source software for doing
> music on the web.
> At the moment I am working on a big project called WebPd [1], which aims
> at porting the famous Pure Data [2] sound programming language to the web..
> After a monolithic first version, I have decided to divide the project in
> smaller libraries, and the dsp engine will be separate from the rest. For
> this I have started working with Jussi Kalliokoski on a new version of his
> audiolib.js [3], built entirely on webarraymath (using the polyfill at the
> moment).
> I am interested in Web Array Math because it could allow to do efficient
> sound synthesis, and go beyond the "fun but very limited" web audio api.
> Though I don't really know what I can do to help, I would really really
> love to see this happen. I know for sure it would be of great use for sound
> dsp, and I can only imagine that it would be very useful for graphics as
> well. Probably there would be great performance gain for libraries built on
> canvas and SVG : d3.js, Processing.js, Raphael, ... maybe it would even be
> worth pinging the maintainers of those libs to get their opinion.
> Best,
> Sébastien
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> 2013/12/12 Marcus Geelnard <>
>> Hello again!
>> I'm sorry that it has taken some time to get around to starting this
>> group (I've been a bit busy).
>> To get going, I would like to ask everyone in this group to write a short
>> summary about themselves. You can also include a bit about what you expect
>> from this group.
>> I'll start by presenting myself...
>> I'm Marcus Geelnard, and I live in Sweden where I work for Opera Software
>> (where I've been working for about 3 ½ years).
>> I'm currently acting technical lead in an infrastructure team for our
>> mobile products. At Opera I've also worked with graphics and video (mostly
>> hardware- and assembler/SIMD-optimizations for mobile devices), and I've
>> been involved in the W3C Audio working group for some time now.
>> Apart from that, I have a background in 3D graphics (OpenGL) and signal
>> processing, and I have a hobby interest in music and sound synthesis (see
>> e.g [1]), and I generally believe that the Web is a killer platform an I
>> love coding up JavaScript demos.
>> With this Community Group, I hope that we'll be able to move the
>> performance for DSP-like processing on the Web forward. As an input to this
>> group, I have prepared a draft specification of an API [2] that can enhance
>> the performance of many operations by several orders of magnitude [3]. What
>> I think is important now is to put this suggestion in relation to other
>> emerging & existing technologies, and define the scope of what we want to
>> achieve.
>> Personally, my main focus is to provide a good solution for low latency
>> processing of Float32 data that lives on the ECMAScript heap, and I like to
>> keep a limited scope in order to make it feasible to move to implementation
>> in a foreseeable future, while at the same time making minimal intrusion on
>> the existing Web platform.
>> Regards,
>>   Marcus
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
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>> Marcus Geelnard
>> Technical Lead, Mobile Infrastructure
>> Opera Software
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