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Ok ... since there's no answer, I'll start :)

I'm Sébastien Piquemal, I'm French and I study in Finland at Media lab
Helsinki. I am a web developer, musician and sound designer. In addition
with music projects, I have been developing open source software for doing
music on the web.

At the moment I am working on a big project called WebPd [1], which aims at
porting the famous Pure Data [2] sound programming language to the web.
After a monolithic first version, I have decided to divide the project in
smaller libraries, and the dsp engine will be separate from the rest. For
this I have started working with Jussi Kalliokoski on a new version of his
audiolib.js [3], built entirely on webarraymath (using the polyfill at the

I am interested in Web Array Math because it could allow to do efficient
sound synthesis, and go beyond the "fun but very limited" web audio api.

Though I don't really know what I can do to help, I would really really
love to see this happen. I know for sure it would be of great use for sound
dsp, and I can only imagine that it would be very useful for graphics as
well. Probably there would be great performance gain for libraries built on
canvas and SVG : d3.js, Processing.js, Raphael, ... maybe it would even be
worth pinging the maintainers of those libs to get their opinion.




2013/12/12 Marcus Geelnard <>

> Hello again!
> I'm sorry that it has taken some time to get around to starting this group
> (I've been a bit busy).
> To get going, I would like to ask everyone in this group to write a short
> summary about themselves. You can also include a bit about what you expect
> from this group.
> I'll start by presenting myself...
> I'm Marcus Geelnard, and I live in Sweden where I work for Opera Software
> (where I've been working for about 3 ˝ years).
> I'm currently acting technical lead in an infrastructure team for our
> mobile products. At Opera I've also worked with graphics and video (mostly
> hardware- and assembler/SIMD-optimizations for mobile devices), and I've
> been involved in the W3C Audio working group for some time now.
> Apart from that, I have a background in 3D graphics (OpenGL) and signal
> processing, and I have a hobby interest in music and sound synthesis (see
> e.g [1]), and I generally believe that the Web is a killer platform an I
> love coding up JavaScript demos.
> With this Community Group, I hope that we'll be able to move the
> performance for DSP-like processing on the Web forward. As an input to this
> group, I have prepared a draft specification of an API [2] that can enhance
> the performance of many operations by several orders of magnitude [3]. What
> I think is important now is to put this suggestion in relation to other
> emerging & existing technologies, and define the scope of what we want to
> achieve.
> Personally, my main focus is to provide a good solution for low latency
> processing of Float32 data that lives on the ECMAScript heap, and I like to
> keep a limited scope in order to make it feasible to move to implementation
> in a foreseeable future, while at the same time making minimal intrusion on
> the existing Web platform.
> Regards,
>   Marcus
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> --
> Marcus Geelnard
> Technical Lead, Mobile Infrastructure
> Opera Software


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