Re: [SRI] Some questions regarding the current spec.


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    > The spec supports multiple hashes so this should just work, iirc. Can
    you test? I might be wrong.
    My confusion here came from the spec stating ..."the user agent will
    choose the strongest hash function in the list, and use that
    metadata to validate the response". Basically:  "more
    collision-resistant hashes must always supersede weaker ones". This
    ends up with some not-very-well-defined  behaviour when you have
    multiple hashes (e.g. having one of each  sha512 and sha384 where
    each represents a different version of the sub-resource). Only the
    strongest should be checked in this case.

I think, in general, you should use some sort of cache-busting /
versioned URL, since the version of a JavaScript resource you are
loading will probably depend on versions of all the other resources.
Otherwise, you're approaching a world of non-determinism and bugs. 

Could you provide an example use case that would benefit from the
freedom you describe?


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