Re: [Proposal]: Set origin-wide policies via a manifest.

I think there will likely be many versions over time, or customized to
specific user agents, as part of A/B tests, etc.  I like the idea of
versioning it with the hash, or an etag type mechanism; it seems there is
no need for an arbitrary, human-readable string.

Will there be distinctions on use of this in first-party vs third-party
contexts (hello, Safari team) as it is a cookie equivalent?  That does
complicate the operational model a bit for iframed application components,
but not too badly.

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> Mike
> This is good, but it would help mitigate the privacy risk if the
> Origin-Policy request header value was limited in entropy, i.e. some small
> number of characters. How many versions of the origin manifest are there
> likely to be? Relying on users periodically deleting their entire cookie
> store to stop fingerprinting is not good.
> Mike
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> Subject: [Proposal]: Set origin-wide policies via a manifest.
> Hello, webappsecians!
> I've thrown
> up at WICG, but the folks in this venue are probably the ones from whom I'm
> most interested in getting feedback.
> sketches out a pinning
> mechanism for policies that apply to an entire origin. Among other things,
> it's meant as a replacement for the CSP Pinning mechanism this group just
> relegated to NOTE status.
> In a nutshell, the manifest contains a list of headers (and potentially
> other kinds of policy, CORS behavior, for instance) that are to be applied
> to each response from an origin, and the general flow is as follows:
> 1.  The user agent navigates to an origin.
> 2.  The server points the user agent to a manifest file along with the
> response.
> 3.  The user agent blocks navigation until it retrieves the manifest.
> 4.  The newly acquired manifest is cached, and applied to the current and
> subsequent fetches from the origin.
> I hope the examples in
> make the flow clear.
> General feedback is probably best sent to the WICG thread. Specific
> feedback is probably best sent as a GitHub issue.
> Thanks! Hopefully this concept isn't nuts.
> - -mike
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