Re: [permissions] Extending the Permissions spec to cover general infrastructure may also be
relevant to your interests.

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 2:21 PM, Jeffrey Yasskin <>

> TL;DR: The Permissions spec is changing; watch issues and PRs at
> to help us stay on the right track.
> The "Permissions API" spec at has
> started growing infrastructure over the last several months to help
> other specs deal with their own permission questions in a consistent
> way.,
>, and
> have expressed interest so
> far. To reflect that it's not just an API anymore, we've renamed it to
> just "Permissions", and we're trying to fix the places the spec is
> imprecise, doesn't reflect reality, or doesn't give other specs the
> simplest tools it could to aid their interaction with the permission
> system.
> One of the biggest known issues is that we handle temporary permission
> grants very badly. Chime in at
> to talk about how to
> model this.
> Other than that, I'll be filing PRs to clean up the spec over the next
> several months, and I'd appreciate anyone who's interested commenting
> on them. I don't currently intend to ping this list for each one, but
> I could if folks generally want me to.
> Thanks,
> Jeffrey

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