Re: CfC: Transition CSP2 to CR.

On 06/02/15 21:25, Mike West wrote:
> Any other issues folks have on their mind for CSP2?

CSP2 recently added support for Base64url hashes citing parity with SRI
as one of the reasons [1] for this change.

Given that the final SRI spec may be moving away from URIs for encoding
the hashes [2], and that CSP hashes are not URIs either, I was
wondering: is there a reason to use a URL-safe encoding of Base64 as
opposed to just regular base64?

It's fairly trivial to support both in user agents, but it adds a small
amount of complexity to both specs.

I don't have a strong opinion on this, but I wanted to note that this
decision will have an impact on what we do in the SRI spec too.



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