CSP spec minutia.

If you've never looked at the CSP spec's source code, ignore this email. :)

I've taken a pass through CSP 1.1 in the hopes of getting us to last call
sometime in the foreseeable future. While doing so, I've ported the spec
from an old, old, old version of Respec to the CSSWG's new hotness,
Bikeshed. I think the code is significantly easier to follow, and we're now
much more easily capable of interlinking definitions both internally and in
external specifications. Most importantly, we can swipe the CSSWG's layout.

Thanks to Tab for putting up with my n00b questions over the last day or

I've also moved the spec from
https://w3c.github.io/webappsec/specs/content-security-policy/ to match SRI.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the new layout (and I'd encourage you to do
so, and tell me about typos or bugs in the spec!), thanks!

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