'frame-options' and 'deny'.

I'm starting to play around with an implementation of the 'frame-options'
directive for Blink.

Based on that (brief) experience, I have two related suggestions:

1. Change the name to match Mozilla's 'frame-ancestors'
2.  Replace the 'deny' keyword with 'none'.

Doing both would make processing the directive entirely similar to other
source-list directives.

The risks of doing so are:

1. Folks already using 'frame-ancestors' would be subject to the more
strict ancestor-checking in the current spec. I can't really judge how much
of a concern this is. Mozilla folks: do you have an idea how widely-used
the current behavior is?

2. We close the door on other "options" in the future. Are there other
things planned that would make the (not terribly painful) pain of
implementing another directive parser worthwhile?


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