Re: webappsec-ISSUE-45 ('top-only'): Is 'top-only' worth preserving? [UI Security]


Brad - no, we don't have any actual data to support assertions that changing
XFO won't break sites.

personally, i think it's very unlikely that just pushing this patch to Nightly will result in 
timely reports of breakage that can be tied to an XFO change - recent history doesn't support that IMO.

i think telemetry is the best way to get data about breakage, but as i've said i'd also
prefer to see CSP frame-options get implemented instead of breaking XFO, particularly
when other browser vendors don't seem interested in doing the same.


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> Do any browsers (looking at Moz) have or would be able to provide telemetry illustrating if there are sites that work with top-only and would fail with ancestor-aware checks?  (just wondering about existence, not specific names)

The consensus on the bug seem to be that it might be ok to just push
it to the nightly/aurora channels and see if anything breaks. I might
be wrong: imelven/dveditz can correct me if needed.


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