[webappsec] PLEASE RESPOND: poll for new teleconference time

WebAppSec WG members,

We have recently passed our one year anniversary.  Though we have a fairly stable group participating in our calls, a number of new members have joined the WG, we have more active participation from Europe than we did a year ago, and we have WG members in Asia.

I think it is time to do a new survey and give all of our current participants a voice on when to hold our bi-weekly teleconference.  I've created a poll here, for a random week in January.  Really, I just want to know day of week and time of day.


Please participate, it will only take a moment, and even if you only mark down the times you can't make it that will help.

Thank you,

Brad Hill

Received on Thursday, 15 November 2012 18:57:47 UTC