[webappsec] Remote participation in IETF websec meeting

WebAppSec folks,

Thanks for a great couple of days at TPAC.  I will get minutes posted and issues updated as soon as I can, but I've had to jump right into the fray at IETF this week.

As usual, I highly encourage WebAppSec members to participate remotely in the Websec WG meeting at the IETF, one of the organizations we are formally chartered to liaison with.  This session will be particularly important for members of our WG to be heard, as we will be discussing the disposition of frame-options functionality and whether it should be moved to the UI Safety draft in WebAppSec.  (Yes, that issue is still open, and it may remain open past this meeting if consensus cannot be achieved.)

Information on remote participation can be found here:


The Websec session will be Thursday, November 8 from 17:30 - 18:30 Eastern Standard Time (US).

The remote audio link is:


And you can join the jabber chat at:


Typically there is not a dial-in conference bridge for IETF meetings, you can listen to audio, and comments typed into the jabber chat will be read to the room by an in-person attendee.

Thank you,

Brad Hill

Received on Monday, 5 November 2012 13:04:13 UTC