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Draft minutes for 2012-02-14 Call Eric Rescorla (Tuesday, 28 February)

[webappsec] Agenda for February 28 Conference Call Hill, Brad (Tuesday, 28 February)

Removing the same(ish) origin restriction on report-uri Adam Barth (Tuesday, 28 February)

[webappsec] call for tomorrow is on Hill, Brad (Tuesday, 28 February)

[webappsec] April F2F possibilities Hill, Brad (Monday, 27 February)

[webappsec] 2/28 call Hill, Brad (Friday, 24 February)

Re: [webappsec] straw man anti-clickjacking proposal David Lin-Shung Huang (Thursday, 23 February)

ISSUE-7: Should the policy-uri directive be in CSP 1.0? Adam Barth (Wednesday, 22 February)

webappsec-ISSUE-13 (URI Fragments in 1.1): Optionally include URI fragments in violation reports for v1.1 Web Application Security Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 14 February)

Agenda for February14 Conference Call Eric Rescorla (Tuesday, 14 February)

[webappsec] Updated proposal for CORS security considerations Hill, Brad (Monday, 6 February)

Re: W3C WebAppSec WG F2F meeting Anne van Kesteren (Sunday, 5 February)

CSP and cross-frame communication David Bruant (Friday, 3 February)

Re: CSP versus Content-Type on scripts and stylesheets Adam Barth (Thursday, 2 February)

Two questions about violation reports Adam Barth (Thursday, 2 February)

Removing request-headers from CSP violation reports Adam Barth (Thursday, 2 February)

Re: First policy policy (Action 34) Adam Barth (Thursday, 2 February)

Rate SVG resources to CSP directive Renata Hodovan (Tuesday, 31 January)

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