Re: CSP experimental.html spec version (was: Agenda for WebAppSec WG Call, Nov 22, 22:00-23:00 UTC)

=JeffH <>, 2011-11-22 14:32 -0800:

> > Should we add something to the agenda to discuss whether we like the
> > refactoring of the spec in
> >
> do you know of a tool that can generate a side-by-side diff between this and
> the preceding version of the spec?

>From a local clone (hg clone
of the repo for the CSP spec:

  hg extdiff -r db6a34dad6cb -r tip -p colordiff -o "-y" experimental.html \
    | less -r

But it seems like for the case of HTML files, side-by-side diffs of the
source are not as usual as an HTML diff generated by Daisy Diff, etc.


Michael[tm] Smith

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