29 Jan? Re: [web components] proposed meetings: 15 dec / 29 jan

Hi folks,

having canceled the proposed december meeting, and with a little less time  
pressure, this is a check that people are still interested in a face to  
face meeting for web components stuff - shadow DOM and custom elements  
both have some currently outstanding issues.

I changed the URL of the github page:


If you expect to attend, please add your name to that page directly by  
Pull Request, or let me know and I will do so. Ditto for agenda items.

Note that we are looking for a host still.


On Fri, 13 Nov 2015 11:32:06 +0100, Chaals McCathie Nevile  
<chaals@yandex-team.ru> wrote:

> https://github.com/w3c/WebPlatformWG/blob/gh-pages/meetings/15decWC.md
> https://github.com/w3c/WebPlatformWG/blob/gh-pages/meetings/16janWC.md
> Offers of hosting will be very gratefully received. We need a room for  
> about 20 people, electricity, wifi, coffee/tea/snacks, lunch, and a  
> speaker/mic setup for connecting remote participants.
> And of course agenda…
> cheers

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