[web components] proposed meetings: 15 dec / 29 jan

Hi folks,

in the poll we ran, there were only about 10 responses, and the preference  
split was pretty even. I also forgot to make a place where people could  
provide their name :(

Our proposal is to look for a host on 15 December on the West Coast, for a  
meeting primarily focused on Shadow DOM, and another on 29 January in the  
Bay area for one around Custom Elements. The agenda can be adjusted to  
take account of people who are unable to travel for both of these, moving  
items from one to the other if necessary, since *many* but *not all*  
people are interested in both topics.

If people are seriously uncomfortable with this proposal, and want to  
argue for an alternative, please speak up - and if you're planning to  
attend either, please reply to this thread, privately to me, or add your  
name to the meeting pages with a Pull Request:


Offers of hosting will be very gratefully received. We need a room for  
about 20 people, electricity, wifi, coffee/tea/snacks, lunch, and a  
speaker/mic setup for connecting remote participants.

And of course agenda…


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