Re: App-to-App interaction APIs - one more time, with feeling


as far as I can read the post, copy-and-paste-interoperability would be
a "sub-task" of this.
It's not a very small task though.
In my world, E.g., there was a person who inventend a "math" protocol
handler. For him it meant that formulŠ be read out loud (because his
mission is making the web accessible to people with disabilities
including eyes) but clearly there was no way to bring a different target.

Somehow, I can't really be convinced by such a post except asking the
user what is the sense of a given flavour or even protocol handler
which, as we know, is kind of error-prone. Agree?


PS: I'm still struggling for the geo URL scheme to be properly handled
but it works for me in a very very tiny spectrum of apps (GMaps >
Hand-edited-HTML-in-Mails-through-Postbox > Blackberry Hub > Osmand).
This is certainly a good example of difficult sequence of choices.

> Daniel Buchner <>
> 14 octobre 2015 18:33
> Hey WebAppers,
> Just ran into this dragon for the 1,326^th time, so thought I would do
> a write-up to rekindle discussion on this important area of developer
> need the platform currently fails to address:
> We have existing APIs/specs that get relatively close, and my first
> instinct would be to leverage those and extend their capabilities to
> cover the broader family of use-cases highlighted in the post.
> I welcome your ideas, feedback, and commentary,
> - Daniel

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