Re: App-to-App interaction APIs - one more time, with feeling

Le 17/10/2015 16:19, Anders Rundgren a écrit :
> Unless you work for a browser vendor or is generally "recognized" for some
> specialty, nothing seems to be of enough interest to even get briefly
> evaluated.

Right, that's a deficiency of the W3C/WHATWG/whatever specs process,
where people well seated in their big companies/org comfortable chairs
lack imagination, innovation, are very long to produce anything and just
spec for themselves things that become obsolete as soon as they have
released it, or things that just never match the reality and general use
cases, and they generally disconsider other opinions, although they
recognize usually at the end that they messed up, then they respecc it
and the loop starts again.

> Regarding App-to-App interaction I'm personally mainly into the
> Web-to-Native variant.

That's a very poor system, I think you are still in your long never
ending quest of seeking for "something in the web that could match what
you want to do" but probably it's not that one.

Do people here mean that we are going forever to exchange text, images,
files, stuff like this only?

That's the vision?

Can't we share Web Components? Which can be any app with the possibility
to interact with it?

That's what for example the Web Intents should do, again you should not
close the group.

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