Re: HTML imports in Firefox

On 12/15/14, 1:10 PM, Ashley Gullen wrote:
> Why would modules affect the decision to ship HTML imports?

Because the interaction of the various import systems with each other 
needs to be specified, for one thing.

But more to the point, we're not shipping imports because we've gotten 
feedback from a number of people that imports are not solving the 
problems they actually need solved.  We'd prefer to not ship imports and 
then need to ship yet another HTML import system that solves those problems.

> The <> polyfill for imports
> has a couple of caveats, so it doesn't look like it's totally equivalent
> and portable with browsers with native support, like Chrome which has
> shipped it already.

Chrome has shipped a lot of things in this space already.  Feel free to 
mail me privately for my feelings on the matter.  chrome shipping 
something is not sufficient reason to ship something we're pretty sure 
is deficient, I'm afraid.


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