Re: [editing] Leading with ContentEditable=Minimal

I think that first we need to clarify how we understand some
terms/concepts, because I was confused many times and I'm afraid that I
also haven't been understood correctly.

1. Separation of basic user intent events and rich command events.

* user intent events - insert character (typing), move caret left, delete a
letter, delete a word, insert paragraph break (enter/return), insert line
break (shift+enter/return), etc. Additionally there are clipboard, undo and
drag and drop events separated already, but they fall into this category.
* rich command events - bold, indent, make numbered list, link, enable
objects resizing, enable automatic quotes.

At some point there were all included in the "command events" and in my
opinion this started the confusion. User intent events are crucial for
contentEditable=minimal, when rich command events may be useful for some
better internationalization, but are not crucial (if browser does not try
to do too much), because they usually are triggered by keystrokes.

2. Commands versus command events. These are separate things again for me -
cE=minimal needs events, but does not need commands and entire
execCommand/queryCommandState/Value/etc combo. A link command event may be
fired when browser thinks that user wants to make a link even if there's no
default action bound to that event.

3. Native UI. Again we have UI for basic interaction like the "paste"
option in context menu and UI for rich options like bold or
enabling/disabling auto quotes (see [1]). CE=minimal does not need rich
options in any form - commands or UI. I'm not sure yet what about basic
interaction like copy, cut, paste, spell checking, undo, redo, select all,
but they definitely belong to a separate group and may be considered
independently of the rich options.

Do we agree about these three topics? At least from the separation POV, not
necessarily about what cE=minimal needs.


On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 8:12 PM, Ben Peters <>

>  There’s been a good deal of discussion about the value of
> contentEditable=minimal. Some of us think that being able to cancel all
> browser actions with preventDefault on all Intention events is enough,
> while others believe that having a single way to stop browsers from taking
> action makes sense. I lean in the direction of the former, but there is
> another consideration- it will take more time to design and build Intention
> events in all cases, so why not work toward making contentEditable=minimal
> available, and then ship Intention events once we have a more complete
> story ready?

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