RE: [editing] Leading with ContentEditable=Minimal

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 8:47 AM, Piotr Koszuliński <> wrote:
> I think that first we need to clarify how we understand some terms/concepts,
> because I was confused many times and I'm afraid that I also haven't been
> understood correctly.
> 1. Separation of basic user intent events and rich command events.
> Examples:
> * user intent events - insert character (typing), move caret left, delete a
> letter, delete a word, insert paragraph break (enter/return), insert line
> break (shift+enter/return), etc. Additionally there are clipboard, undo and
> drag and drop events separated already, but they fall into this category.
> * rich command events - bold, indent, make numbered list, link, enable
> objects resizing, enable automatic quotes.
> At some point there were all included in the "command events" and in my
> opinion this started the confusion. User intent events are crucial for
> contentEditable=minimal, when rich command events may be useful for some
> better internationalization, but are not crucial (if browser does not try to
> do too much), because they usually are triggered by keystrokes.

Why does it matter if there are 'basic' events like typing and 'rich' events like bold? If you only care about the 'basic' ones, you can just respond to those and ignore the rest.

> 2. Commands versus command events. These are separate things again for me -
> cE=minimal needs events, but does not need commands and entire
> execCommand/queryCommandState/Value/etc combo. A link command event may be
> fired when browser thinks that user wants to make a link even if there's no
> default action bound to that event.

I agree that CE min would only have the events, not the default actions. I updated the explainer below with a more complete table in section 3.1. CE="true" would have default actions. 

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