Re: Pointer Lock Status

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 4:54 AM, Arthur Barstow <>wrote:

> Given the spec's implementation status today, perhaps it would be "best"
> to postpone new features and to plan for a potential followup spec.
> Regardless, I think it is important to document new and/or additional
> features and requirements beyond what is now specified. The IDB people
> document their feature requests for IDB.Next in [IDB-Features]. Perhaps it
> would be useful to have a similar document for PointerLock.
> If you want to document new features/requirements [and I recommend it
> ;-)], besides using a wiki (f.ex.
> Webapps/PointerLockFeatures), other options include using Bugzilla (I
> think WebIDL uses a "v2" value for the `whiteboard` field) or a document in
> the spec's repo.
I've created

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