Re: [gamepad] Haptic Feedback/Controller Vibration

Hi Ted,

On 03 Apr 2014, at 18:34, Ted Mielczarek <> wrote:

> On 3/24/2014 1:04 AM, Brandon Jones wrote:
>> Mozilla has played around with gamepad vibration a bit already:
>> There's been some mixed messages, but so far the basic idea seems to be to either extend the existing Vibration API to handle multiple motors (and presumably associate it back to a specific pad) or to add a very similar looking "vibrate" function to the gamepad API. Something like:
>> vibrate(int motorIndex, float intensity);
> Our primary intention there was simply "don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to". If we can map controller vibration to the existing Vibration API that saves us having to do a whole bunch of spec work ourselves. Given the extra complexity of having multiple vibration motors at different frequencies it may be unavoidable though. I think it's still worth pursuing, we should at least talk to the people behind the Vibration API to see if we can leverage their work.

In the initial versions of the spec we indeed considered such reuse. Here’s my recent summary:

That said, we can start work on a Level 2 spec if good new use cases emerge, for example, in the context of the Gamepad API. Feel free to chime in on the public-device-apis for follow-ups.



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