Re: [gamepad] Haptic Feedback/Controller Vibration

On 4/3/14 2:07 PM, ext Ted Mielczarek wrote:
> Trying to design an API that's everything to everyone is extremely 
> hard and likely to produce unsatisfactory results. We chose to focus 
> on the most useful subset of things that are common to all 
> controllers. I believe the API we've spec'ed is useful in spite of not 
> covering everything that exists in the world. 

FWIW, I agree with and support this view.

> I am not opposed to the idea of extending it to cover other common 
> features of game controllers, but I do think we'll stick to concepts 
> that are widely accepted (like vibration) and not bleeding-edge things 
> supported by a single device (touchpads, colored LED). If these things 
> gain traction then it makes sense to discuss spec'ing them. Otherwise 
> you run the risk of spec'ing something that has only one hardware 
> example, thus making the API hard to generalize to other devices that 
> introduce similar (but not identical) features in the future.

As I mentioned in a the status thread earlier today, I think it would be 
helpful to document potential new features like this.


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