Pointer Lock Status

Implementation status:
Chrome: Implemented with prefix, in stable version.
Firefox: Implemented with prefix, in stable version.
IE: No implementation progress known. Issue:
Safari: No implementation progress known.
Opera: No implementation progress known.

Test suite status:
Two basic tests exist:
which fail in Chrome and Firefox due to prefixing, and likely correctness
issues are masked by this.

Plan to "complete" test suite:
- Implementations need to start using W3C tests that exist
  - Thus implementations need to support unprefixed pointer lock.
  - Chromium issue:
- More tests are needed.
  - Chromium and Mozilla have possible candidates for upstreaming.
    - I sense little prioritization from either organization to do this
soon. (Correct me if Mozilla has anyone available to do this)

Additional specification discussion:
Artillery started a discussion "Problems with mouse-edge scrolling and
games" in public-webapps Feb 21 2014 raising the topic of limiting pointer
movement to a rectangular area. This is addressed in the spec FAQ for why
it is postponed from the initial version, and in the recent thread the
result was a call for prototype. I don't have resources to build it out,
though would accept others doing so. If this was done rapidly and Mozilla
was interested in incorporating changes as well there's the possibility
that Pointer Lock spec should be updated to include clipping. Otherwise, I
believe a follow up specification at a later time is more appropriate,
keeping Pointer Lock narrow and moving to complete the specification.

Received on Thursday, 3 April 2014 20:39:13 UTC