Re: Refactoring SharedWorkers out of Web Workers W3C spec

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On 12/12/13 13:01, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> On 12/12/13 7:31 AM, ext Simon Pieters wrote:

>> First I ran the tests using
>> on a local server, but
>> then I couldn't think of a straight-forward way to put the results in
>> the wiki so I just ran the tests manually, too. :-( Since most tests
>> are automated it's silly to run them manually and edit a wiki page. Is
>> there a better way?
> Re automated running, there is <>
> but I think it is considered obsolete (and isn't maintained). Test
> automation is/was on Tobie's ToDo list. I'll followup separately about
> the status on public-test-infra.

Ms2ger has a simple in-browser runner which we could adapt to use a 
top-level browsing context rather than an iframe, and to use the 
manifest file generated by the script in review at [1].

> (Re using a wiki for the implementation report, to produce the Web
> Messaging and Web Sockets implementation reports, I created a script
> that merges tests results from individual runs and outputs the wiki
> table syntax.)

Yeah, so I forsee this taking longer to output than to actually do the 
run (which I can fully automate for gecko). We should agree on a simple 
format that can be produced by any kind of automated runner and make a 
tool that can turn that format into an implementation report. Something like

[{test_id:string|list, status:string, subtests:[{name:string, 

Seems like it would work fine. The test id would either by the url to 
the top-level test file or the list [test_url, cmp, ref_url] for 
reftests. The harness status would be something like OK|TIMEOUT|ERROR 
and the subtest statuses would be something like PASS|FAIL|TIMEOUT|NOTRUN.

If we do something like this I can likely organise for such output to be 
automatically generated for every testrun on gecko, so producing an 
implementation report for any feature would just be a matter of 
importing the data from the latest nightly build.


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