Re: Refactoring SharedWorkers out of Web Workers W3C spec

On 12/12/13 7:31 AM, ext Simon Pieters wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Dec 2013 14:42:15 +0100, Arthur Barstow 
> <> wrote:
>> The first Call for workers Test Results was sent over a half-year ago 
>> and another one a few weeks before WebApps' Shenzhen meeting. Despite 
>> those requests, the workers implementation report [IR] remains empty.
>> Simon - would you please add results for Presto?
> Done.

Great and thanks (and thanks to Travis too for the IE results)!

> First I ran the tests using 
> on a local server, but 
> then I couldn't think of a straight-forward way to put the results in 
> the wiki so I just ran the tests manually, too. :-( Since most tests 
> are automated it's silly to run them manually and edit a wiki page. Is 
> there a better way?

Re automated running, there is <> 
but I think it is considered obsolete (and isn't maintained). Test 
automation is/was on Tobie's ToDo list. I'll followup separately about 
the status on public-test-infra.

(Re using a wiki for the implementation report, to produce the Web 
Messaging and Web Sockets implementation reports, I created a script 
that merges tests results from individual runs and outputs the wiki 
table syntax.)

> I also found a bug in a test 
> (Actually there were several tests with bugs but I didn't investigate 
> further.)

It would be useful to include that info in the Comments column. Would 
you please do that or give me the list of tests with bugs so I can add 
that info? (I suppose the test bugs info should also be on GH.)

-Thanks, ArtB

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