Re: Request for feedback: Streams API

On Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 3:57 AM, Arthur Barstow wrote:

> Thanks for the update Feras.
> Re getting `wide review` of the latest [ED], which groups, lists and  
> individuals should be asked to review the spec?
> In IRC just now, jgraham mentioned TC39, WHATWG and Domenic. Would  
> someone please ask these two groups to review the latest ED?
> Aymeric - would you please ask the WebRTC list(s) to review the latest  
> ED or provide the list name(s) and I'll ask them.

It’s still a big concern that there are two competing proposals. We can just “let the market sort it out”, but I think it would be best if there was a single spec with all the folks interested in this area working together.  

How can we work towards that?   

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