CfC: publish Candidate Recommendation of File API; deadline November 28

Hi All,

Arun completed processing the comments [Comments] for the Last Call 
version of File API [LCWD]. Although the comments resulted in changes to 
the spec (see [Diff]), no new features were added and the changes are 
considered bug fixes. The most significant change is the Constructor 
APIs in Section 7 - see [Section-7].

Arun proposes the spec be advanced to Candidate Recommendation and this 
is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to publish a CR  using the following 
version as the basis:


This CfC satisfies: a) the group's requirement to "record the group's 
decision to request advancement" to CR; and b) "General Requirements for 
Advancement on the Recommendation Track" as defined in the Process 

Note the Status of the Document section and References in the Draft CR 
need some changes.

I propose 3 months as the minimal amount of time before we are ready to 
advance the spec to Propose Recommendation  and I propose we re-use the 
CR exit criteria we used for the IDB CR:

During the Candidate Recommendation period, which ends @T+3months, the 
WG will complete its test suite. Before this specification exits 
Candidate Recommendation, two or more independent implementations must 
pass each test, although no single implementation must pass each test. 
The group will also create an Implementation Report.

If anyone has feedback regarding features that could be marked "at 
risk", please speak up during this CfC.

Positive response to this CfC is preferred and encouraged and silence 
will be considered as agreeing with the proposal. The deadline for 
comments is November 28 and all comments should be sent to 
public-webapps @

-Thanks, ArtB

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Received on Thursday, 21 November 2013 18:54:01 UTC