Reminder of WebApps' off-list topic policy [Was: ...]

On 10/2/13 12:51 PM, ext Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 12:29 PM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:
>> If any of the data for Fullscreen in [PubStatus] is not accurate, please
>> provide corrections.
>> Also, if you have any new information re your plans for the spec - last
>> published 6-July-2012 - or the spec's status with respect to being feature
>> complete, implementation status, etc., please let us know.
>> [PubStatus] <>
> I wrote all the text in on which
> appears to be based (although
> woefully out of date). Given the W3C's explicit stance on forking, I
> think would be hypocritical for your group to continue publishing this
> fork.

Hi Anne,

I appreciate you technical input on WebApps' specs and I would like that 
to continue. I would also be delighted if/when you and the W3C work out 
a mutually agreeable copyright policy for Working Group specs.

WebApps' charter has a clear set of deliverables and a clear document 
license for these specs. Until there is consensus within the group to 
stop work on a spec or the charter is changed (e.g. to a different set 
of deliverables, different document license, etc.), the expectation is 
the group will continue to work on XHR, Fullscreen, and every other spec 
in our charter using W3C Document License.

WebApps also has an "off-topic policy" [Off-Topic] I think you violate 
when you continue to discuss W3C's document license on WebApps' mail 
list. Please respect this policy and move all discussions related to W3C 
document license to the Revising W3C Process Community Group [w3process].

-Thanks, ArtB

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