Re: [webcomponents] Seeking status and plans

Thanks for the update Dimitri!

On 10/2/13 1:58 PM, ext Dimitri Glazkov wrote:
> * HTML Imports ( is getting close 
> to the next WD. Hajime Morrita has been working on that spec, and I 
> would like to put him down as the primary editor.

That's fine with me. Thanks Hajime and please update the ED (and 
PubStatus) accordingly.

> At some point, we need to look at these specs and consider whether 
> they should remain independent normative dcuments or be incorporated 
> into existing ones like HTML or DOM. For example, HTML Imports is 
> mostly a monkeypatch for HTML spec. But this discussion hasn't started 
> yet.

OK, thanks for the heads-up. (I added a note about this to the "Plans" 
data for HTML Imports.)


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