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Thanks for background, it helps a lot. I don't see a need to comment it by point so let me just reference it [1] and try to summarize. 

1. There is no consensus on what the default should be. There are 
   implementations favoring each of <br>, <p> and <div>.
2. It would be good to set it per contenteditable, but we are not sure 
   how to express that.
3. There are no options other than <p> and <div> because there is no obvious 
   reason why it would be useful. (my interpretation: if it is something that 
   can't be done with a <div>, it probably wouldn't work as a default block
   element anyway).
4. Sometimes Enter inserts <br> or EOL character instead of a new element. That
   behavior is independent of the choice between <p> and <div> (but deserves
   a good definition too).

Is that a fair summary?

I think that main reason it's hard to get a consensus is that it is not clear what problem the feature is trying to solve...

If the only problem is the uncollapsed top border that annoyingly appears on first Enter - then it is an overkill to globally change what HTML element should represent a paragraph of text (if you saw it on paper, you would call it a paragraph, right?), just because it has a different default style.

I think a paragraph should be a paragraph, unless there is a semantic reason to use a different element for blocks. It is possible of course that I don't fully understand the motivation for P vs. Div choice... Are there other reasons for having this command that I don't see?



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