Re: Custom elements ES6/ES5 syntax compromise, was: document.register and ES6

What does it actually profit us to singularly tie document.register to
require an ES6-esque syntax before it lands anyway? No one is saying not to
use it *when it arrives*, we're offering a way to make sure the polyfill
layer isn't needlessly bound to inconsequential externalities.

Hell, if you wanted a single API, call the property "descriptor" (or
something else that's general) and have it take both by checking what kind
of object the value is... ***ducks***
On Feb 14, 2013 5:14 PM, "Boris Zbarsky" <> wrote:

> On 2/14/13 6:03 PM, Dimitri Glazkov wrote:
>> Since these are two separate steps, I technically don't _need_ to put
>> into my element's constructor -- it's a
>> sure bet it will just be a useless dummy.
> For HTMLButtonElement, perhaps.  But for HTMLImageElement that's less
> clear.
> -Boris

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