Re: Custom elements ES6/ES5 syntax compromise, was: document.register and ES6

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Scott Miles <> wrote:

> Well, yes, here ya go: (o). But I must be missing something. You wouldn't
> propose two APIs if they were equivalent, and I don't see how these are not
> (in any meaningful way).

The only difference is that one spits out a generated constructor, and
the other just returns a constructor unmodified (well, not in a
detectable way). My thinking was that if we have both be one and the
same API, we would have:

1) problems writing specification in an interoperable way ("if you can
override [[Construct]] function, then do this...")

2) problems with authors seeing different effects of the API on each
browser ("in Webcko, I get the same object as I passed in, maybe I
don't need the return value, oh wait, why does it fail in Gekit?")

Am I worrying about this too much?


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