Re: Allow ... centralized dialog up front

On 2/4/13 1:35 AM, "Florian Bösch" <> wrote:

>So how exactly do you imagine this going down when an application that
>uses half a dozen such capabilities starts? Clicking trough half a dozen
>allow -> allow -> allow -> allow -> allow -> allow, you really think the
>user's gonna bother what the 5th or sixth allow is about?

I don't understand what in my previous email makes you think this is the
suggestion I'm making. Quite the contrary, actually. Nothing in my
suggestion prevents a User Agent from combining permission requirements in
a single prompt. Nothing even prevents a dedicated gaming device (for
example) from granting access to a slew of clearly gaming related features
without prompting the user for permission at all. Nothing prevents a user
from authorizing his User Agent to switch to full screen without
prompting. Or to switch to fullscreen without prompting for websites that
have been recommended by his friends. Or whitelisted by the user. Or the
user agent. Or a third party website. Etc. etc. etc.


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