Re: [admin] If you use `respec`, your ED may be broken

On 25/01/2013 16:24 , Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Editors that use Respec - if you use Respec, your ED may be broken due
> to a recent change in the way hg/dvcs is configured ...

More specifically: dvcs.w3 enforces HTTPS. If you're pointing to 
non-HTTP resources, some browsers will refuse to load them.

> [[
> instead of:
> <script type="text/javascript"
> src=''
> class='remove'></script>

Note that this has always been the wrong source to load from anyway :) 
It works. but you're loading 500K instead of 140.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

Received on Friday, 25 January 2013 15:43:16 UTC