Re: [fullscreen-api] Allowing AJAX requests when in fullscreen mode

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 2:50 PM, Adam Sobaniec <> wrote:
> I have made a more detailed test. It's not AJAX itself that breaks the
> fullscreen mode, but it's History API that is the main cause of problem. In
> my case, I have a web app that goes fullscreen and when I click on a link
> there is being pushed new state to history and an url is being modified.
> When it happens, Chrome is exiting fullscreen mode, while FF behaves as I'm
> expecting it to behave.
> I will try to file a ticket for Chrome.

Ah, there is a requirement to the effect that when navigating, you
exit fullscreen. Maybe we should restrict that to cross-origin

Ian, other Adam, thoughts?


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