Re: Proposal: moving tests to GitHub

On 1/23/13 12:48 AM, "Julian Aubourg" <> wrote:

>I love the idea of moving to github.
>The one-repo idea, while much simpler from a maintenance point of view,
>could easily be a burden on users that subscribe to it. Even more so for
>people who can merge PRs (and thus will receive an email for a PR
>initiated for any spec).
>Not saying it is blocking but it's something to keep in mind. Mail
>filters can go a long way here but filtering out specific specs kinda
>defeats the purpose of having so many eyes looking at everything.

It's also worth thinking about which solution will have more chances of
fostering a community of external contributors and reviewers. Strong but
very specialized contributors might not get noticed. Being the biggest
contributor to the XHR test suite might carry a lot more value than being
the 50th biggest contributor to W3C tests in general.


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