Re: [IndexedDB] Straw man proposal for moving spec along TR track

On 1/4/13 4:35 PM, ext Israel Hilerio wrote:
> We don't see the need to go back to LC.  Most of the feedback was editorial.  The other feedback we received, seems to have been agreed on by the iplementers & WG but not documented in the spec.  We believe that addressing the bugs till the end of July is reasonable to move forward to CR.

Until we have a specific proposal and a clear list of differences (i.e. 
a diff and optionally a short summary of each change), we don't have 
enough information to make a decision re LCWD vs. CR.

> In December Eliot and I put together a plan to address the LC comments and catalog the bugs that came after the LC deadline. We're already have addressed many of them.  Unfortunately, the holidays slowed us down a bit.  We'll put something together and send it to the WG if that makes sense.
> Would that work?

Yes, that seems like a reasonable plan to me.

-Thanks, AB

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