Re: Kickoff application manifest work

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:50 PM, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:
> All of this information can of course be duplicated in each HTML page that
> an application consists of. But that's a lot of information duplication. It
> would definitely put some hard requirements on that generation of HTML pages
> is always done using code of some sort. Either make files or server side
> scripts.

I wonder if we should do something similar to <script>/<style>. That
you can do either. Requiring an external file seems kinda onerous too,
though maybe it's not so bad.

> We could also enable pages to signal this information through an API to the
> UA. That way they author can put the information in a central location
> himself. But that also means that the metadata can't be found through
> spidering.

True, although it seems spiders are becoming ever closer to full-blown browsers.


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