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> We didn't come to much of a resolution.
> It was suggested that the current behavior in browsers was incorrect; that
> the File should become inaccessible if/when it changes.
> <bryan> I disagree, the fact that re-accessing a file object loads the
> latest version of the file is a valuable feature IMO, even if it was not
> intentional. I donít know if preventing that is what you meant, but further
> to require that the user reselect a file if it has changed would be a UX
> killer.

File objects should be immutable. That was one of the core design
principles that they were built around.

If we want <input type=file> to provide "live" access to on-disk
files, then new File objects should be returned from
HTMLInputElement.files whenever the on-disk files change. That would
need to be defined by the HTML spec though.

/ Jonas

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