Re: Filesystem events

On 5/29/2013 10:26 AM, wrote:
> Currently there's no way to fetch real time filesystem modifications 
> inside webapps, both on FileLists or DirEntries. I propose to add 
> filesystem monitoring events to the DirEntries objects, so when a file 
> or directory is added, removed or modified a corresponding event would 
> buble on the filesystem hierarchy up to the DirEntry object where an 
> event listener is registered to catch it, so the webapp would act in 
> correspondance (hashing the files, uploading them...).
> This would also be applied to the FileSystem API and the DeviceStorage 
> API (so for example files dropped on that folder would be uploaded and 
> later removed, in a mail box or printer queue style) and up to some 
> degree on FileList objects, too.

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