Re: [IndexedDB] request feedback on IDBKeyRange.inList([]) enhancement

IDBKeyRange.inList looks practically useful, but it can be achieve
continue (continuePrimary) cursor iteration. Performance will be
comparable except multiple round trip between js and database.

Querying by parallel multiple get in a single transaction should also
be fast as well.

Additionally IDBKeyRange.inList violate contiguous key range nature of
IDBKeyRange. It is assumed in some use case, like checking a key in
the key range or not. If this feature are to be implemented, it should
not mess with IDBKeyRange, but directly handle by index batch request.

Ignoring deplicating keys is not a useful feature in query. In fact, I
will like result be respective ordering of given key list.

Kyaw Tun

Received on Monday, 20 May 2013 01:26:27 UTC