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Overall, I think we support this proposal but have some questions I would like to get clarifications on:

Maybe I don't recall but is SysApps asking Webapps to take the manifest aspect? Or is this something Webapps thinks is its right because of the prior focus on Widgets packaging? I don't recall  case of a group unilaterally taking back something similar to something else it had worked on in the past.

If SysApps did approve but in the end disapproved with the result, what recourse would they have? Woudnt it be better to have this as a joint deliverable then?

Bryan Sullivan 

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at the face to face meeting we agreed to take back the work on a manifest  
specification for apps, based on the current manifest draft from sysapps  
[1] that was developed from the proposal [2] included in our charter [3],  
and to leave the runtime part of the work with Sysapps.

This is a formal Call for Consensus on that resolution. Silence will be  
taken as assent. Responses will be accepted up to the end of the day  
Tuesday 21 May.

for the chairs


[2] http: 404 (and people ask me why I care where things get published)

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