Re: Re: [XHR] question about spec text and tests for double open() calls

> > Secondly, by reading the spec I'd expect the second open() call
> > to fire another event. The open() method, steps 15 and 16:
> >
> > 15  Change the state to OPENED.
> > 16  Fire an event named readystatechange.

> > Doesn't imply that if the state is already OPENED, no new event
> > is expected to fire. Does any other part of the spec indicate this?

> Yeah, it seems two events should dispatch per current text. If
> browsers do not do that maybe there should be a state check there and

> those steps should become substeps.

Well, obviously Chrome is the major implementation that does that.

Firefox is different (it fires an event with readyState 1 for the first open(), one event with readyState 1 for the send(), one with readyState 4 and one with readyState 1 for the second open()). I have not tested IE - do you have an IE version that can handle ?

Hallvord R. M. Steen
Core tester, Opera Software

Received on Monday, 13 May 2013 19:15:27 UTC