Re: [WebIDL] Bugs - which are for 1.0 and which are for Second Edition?

Travis Leithead wrote:
> There’s 50 some-odd bugs under the bugzilla component for WebIDL. Many
> of them look like simple editorial fixes that could be applied to the CR
> draft, but others are feature requests, or issues related to new
> features added to the Second Edition.
> Are you currently tracking which bugs are for which spec(s)?

No, I've just been making changes to whichever version they seemed to 
apply to as I got to them.

> Do you have any suggestions for making this easier to track going forward?

IIRC the Version field in Bugzilla applies to the Product, not the 
Component, so I think we can't use that.  How about just putting 
something in the Whiteboard field, like "[v1]"?

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